About Us

“When you dress modestly, there are two options: long, unflattering, old fashioned dresses or layers and layers of clothes”. We heard this statement way too many times to do nothing about it. Since 2016, we respond to the gap between the fashion industry and a growing community of women who want to fit in without having to choose between trendy and modest. 

 Neïcy Inc. — “Neïcy” — is the online, one-stop boutique that aims to redefine modesty. We curate the best of modesty to make it easy for modern women to dress with style and grace.

Omnia Mihami Neïcy

We create our own style by putting our personality in our apparels. There is no exact definition to style, nor should there be for modesty. We believe that each one of us should define our own modesty. 

Define your modesty.